Tattoo Care


1.  Leave Henna paste on for up to 4 hours.  Do not scrape or pick it off. The longer the paste stays on, the longer the tattoo will last and the deeper the stain will be.

2.  Do not wipe the paste away with water. If the paste is dry it will, in most cases, flake away on its own if gently brushed.  If you wish to remove the paste, mist sparingly with lemon juice and gently wipe it away.  When doing this, do not scrape at the skin.  

3.  After the paste has come off, do not wash the tattoo for 24 hours...and try to limit the tattoo's exposure to water.

4.  LIGHTLY dab a tiny amount of olive oil over the tattoo after the paste has come off.  The oil protects the tattoo from water. Do not continually rub tattoo with oil.  Though the oil is a protectant, the abrasive nature of application will lift the stain from the skin prematurely.

5.  What to Expect:

The tattoo will be a light orange color on the first day that the paste comes off.  The next day it will darken to a reddish brown, and finally develop into a deep reddish brown by the third day.  It will eventually fade away.  The duration of this development process is 7-10 days.  Thanks for reading and enjoy your tattoo!